Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • How do I watch a stream?

    After you complete the checkout, you'll be sent your own private link to the show. You can click this immediately and set yourself a reminder to watch.

    Ten mins before the show is due to start the stream will begin, and show a countdown clock accompanied by music, so you can check everything is working before the show starts.

  • How do I get my ticket?

    Your ticket will be emailed to you as soon as your checkout completes. It's a private link to a YouTube page. It will also be displayed as soon as your payment completes.

  • What if I miss the show? Can I watch the show on catchup?

    Yes! Every show will be available for at least a week after the initial broadcast, and if you arrive when the live show has started, you can either watch live or from the beginning.

  • Can I watch the show on my TV?

    Yes - here's several ways it can be done:

    Chromecast method
    There are several media steaming devices on the market which plug into the HDMI socket on your TV and connect to your wifi. Using one of these you can 'cast' directly from your computer to the TV. We've had success using devices like Amazon Fire, Google's Chromecast and Apple TV

    YouTube sign in method
    if you have a fancy Smart TV, you can use it to sign in on the YouTube app. Sign in on your laptop too, and click your private show link. Back on the TV, move to your history, and you should see the show listed at the top

    Direct HDMI connection
    Some laptops have a HDMI out socket on them. You can use this to connect directly to your TV

  • I'd like to watch with others - can I buy tickets for them?

    Yes - just increase the number of tickets in your basket. Once you checkout you can send your private link to your friends. The same link will work for everyone.

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